Two lines of code:

Be Nice

Be A Mirror

Nice is a technical term for cooperate, assist, compromise. Smile?. This will be your first action upon meeting somebody. Their reaction will be your response, if they hurt you (defect) you will respond in kind, if they are nice you will be nice. Tit-For-Tat.

Initially it was thought thousands of lines of code would be needed to build a game theory program complex enough to be ultimately successful in dealing with all it’s competitors. Only two were needed.

Though one adjustment was to be made, the second line would be written to enable a degree of forgiveness in it’s “I do unto you as you do unto me” programing and thereby avoid in an endless “eye for an eye” echo of evil. It needed 10% Jesus to become Generous Tit-For-Tat, for relationships to

start again fresh

A question was posed; could such a program survive evolutionarily in a very hostile environment? The answer was yes, qualified with: if there were enough individuals with this programing to meet each other and establish positively reciprocal relationships, boosting each others mutual access to resources and reproductive ability. They would in fact be more successful than the most aggressive and deceptive competitors.

(One of the most influential reasons humans have taken over the world?)

This phenomena spontaneously developed in the trenches of WWII when both sides realized if they didn’t fire, the other wouldn’t either. These pauses in fighting stretched out longer and longer until enemies were able to meet face to face, realize each other’s humanity and become friends. It ended only when the Generals learnt what had begun to happen in the lower ranks and forced their soldiers to once again kill, restarting the destructive tit-for-tat cycle.

Humans do not naturally gravitate towards the prolonged and indiscriminate killing of other humans, even when they are represented as being a force as evil as Nazis.

Biological efficacy
not conscious morality
(though they are one and the same)

I wonder if Christianity in terms of forgiving 70 x 7 times, of turning the other cheek every time, was only meant for, as it seemingly can only be practiced by, a very small percentage of the human population. (10%?) To absorb egregious losses at the hands of the aggressively self interested, consciously and willfully enabling the displacement of this aggression and hopefully some healing for the aggressive party. If not, at least using themselves to create a way for negative actions and emotions to be channeled out of the populace at large. Neutralizing within their own lives the harmful effects of such absorption through a loving/ecstatic relationship with Jesus/God, or as it maybe, the symbolism of this relationship within their own consciousness, even transforming said emotional energy into greater levels of ecstasy and religious fervor.

(Has part of our society, Christian or not, absorbing too much harm enabled others to become grossly anti-social? Seems like it.)

The Secret Life Of Chaos starts with a man explaining that on the table in front of him are the raw elements making up a human being, which are “almost embarrassingly common” and “costing at most a few $.” (He forgot electricity?)

99% air, water, chalk and coal

The documentary is about how incredibly simple substances and the simple rules which govern them can come together to create incredibly complex systems, with a lot of focus on fractals, to create life as we know it.

On Life in the Universe Neil DeGrasse Tyson said “Life maybe an inevitable consequence of complex chemistry,” that we are made of the most common substances in the universe, the first few elements of the periodic table read like a recipe for human beings, and all of life for that matter. “Not only do we exist in this universe, it is the universe itself which exists in us.”

All movement is ordinary, nameless, just as it is
Though insignificant to the point of unknowing
The stars nor anything below control it
Behind everything, no one

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Arise ye little people of heaven!

Arise ye little people of heaven!

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