turning into disaster

I’ve noticed for a while how often counter-intuitive action garners optimal results

In the first years of flight an extremely common reason for fatal accidents was a plane falling into a tailspin from which the pilots could not escape. The first person to regain control of his aircraft in such a situation went on to become the greatest pilot of the era, Lincoln Beachey. While all other pilots tried to resist and turn out of the death spiral to no avail, he had the insight to turn into it and thereby escape with his life.

As a part of research into chronic pain Melanie Thernstrom was placed in an MRI machine within which was a screen which represented her pain as a flame, as the pain got worse the flame grew the more she tried to ease the pain by will the stronger it became until it was debilitating. Her insight to imagine herself as a martyred Saint being burnt alive by those flames, of willingly giving herself over to the fire and to the pain was the only way she was able to obtain release.

Often the best way to master a fear is to face it, none more so it seems than death, and why if you were lucky enough you might find an Yogini in Samadhi atop a corpse.

It goes the other way too, for example with research showing rabid homophobes becoming subconsciously sexually excited by gay porn.

I don’know, I just find it interesting

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